Obesity surgery

There are several types of barbaric surgery operations, including:
Laparoscopic gastric bypass:

There are two types of this process:
1- Conventional transformation: a connection is made between the intestine and the stomach and also between the intestine together
2- Miniature transformation: A transformation is made between the stomach and intestine

How is the process based on slimming?
A small part of the stomach is separated so that food can be stored inside, so the patient cannot eat a lot of food because he feels full
– Reducing the absorption of proteins, fats and sugars due to the lack of food passing after eating it on the duodenum, which reduces the secretion of enzymes for digestion processes, which causes the body to consume what it has of the stocks of proteins, vitamins and others.

Operation multiples:
-If the operation was not completed by a specialized team and sophisticated devices with accuracy and attention, leakage and clots or bleeding may occur and if it is not detected in its early time the patient will be in a dangerous condition
Vomiting or constipation.
– A sense of physical depression, dizziness, sweat, and an increased heartbeat, particularly after drinking high-sugar levels quickly.
It is also possible to have bloating, gas and increased stool volume

Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the basic medical procedures used to lose weight:

Gastric sleeve process:

There are three types of quantization:
1- Partial gastrectomy: a small part of the stomach is removed, specifically from the lower side
2- Total quantization: by removing the entire stomach
3- Gagging the stomach from the left side only (excision of the left part)

Gastrectomy does not prevent you from continuing to be able to eat, but after the operation you need important life changes

It is also possible to perform this process as one of the procedures for treating obesity. Here, when the stomach size shrinks, its susceptibility to fullness becomes faster, and therefore the person eats less and his weight decreases.

Preparing for gastrectomy:

The doctor inspects the patient before performing the operation, and all necessary examinations and imaging are done to ensure that the patient is completely ready for the operation and it is necessary if the patient takes any medication to tell the doctor about this or if he has any chronic diseases as well.

Before the operation, the patient must stop smoking completely because smoking makes the recovery period after the operation longer.

How is the quantization process?

There are two ways to perform gastrectomy:

Ordinary surgery: Abdominal surgery with a full process by which the skin and tissues are displaced to reach the stomach and work to supplement it.
Endoscopic surgery: here, holes are opened through the abdomen and a special interface is inserted to carry out the quantization process. It is advised to do this type of procedure for you to avoid complications or effects after the operation.

Stomach balloon:

The stomach balloon operation is performed non-surgically and its main goal is also to lose weight and is done for people who need to reduce their weight from 30 to 50 kilograms, and the process mainly depends on filling the stomach through a balloon that comes from understanding and is filled with a custom fluid after it is inserted into the stomach To give the patient a sense of satiety, which helps the body absorb its needs from the excess fat stores in the body, and this also helps in slimming.

It is a process that takes place temporarily as the balloon stays for a period of 6 to 9 months at most after the patient has lost the required weight and the duration of the operation is approximately 40 minutes and is under the influence of local anesthesia.

Types of stomach balloon:


It is a single balloon that is inserted orally into the stomach using an endoscope
The balloon is inserted blank and then filled with a special liquid catheter.
The balloon is placed in the stomach where it remains for six months, during which time the patient loses 30% of his basic weight


It is similar in how it is entered for the previous type ORBERA
Two balloons are used here instead of one balloon, and this type is characterized by being safer and less likely to puncture the balloon or remove it before the specified date.


This type balloons are inserted via capsules and monitored X-ray.
And it is filled with nitrogen gas.
More than one capsule can be inserted here to help reduce the largest possible area of ​​the stomach. This type of operation helps lose weight by 10 percent.

Benefits of a stomach balloon

Some advantages of stomach balloon include:

A process that is done without surgery or sewing.
Local or partial anesthesia is performed and does not require general anesthesia.
The complications are very simple, because my operation is very safe.
Its results are very excellent, especially if the patient adheres to the doctor’s instructions and with a healthy diet.
Inserting and removing the balloon from the stomach is simple and does not take much time.

Stomach Botox:

What is stomach Botox technology?

It is the latest finding of weight loss techniques by infecting the wall of the stomach with incomplete paralysis, which reduces the force of stomach contractions.

Botox is a substance made from bacteria and used in a certain amount to make temporary paralysis of the muscle that they are injected into

When the stomach is injected with Botox, it will cause the stomach muscles to relax. The Botox causes temporary paralysis of the muscles, which delays the expulsion of food from the stomach to the intestine. Thus, food stays in the mayor for a longer period, which causes the patient to feel full for longer periods and delay the feeling of hunger, which causes weight loss.

How is the stomach injected with Botox?

This process is done by following these steps:

It is done by inserting a medical endoscope into the mouth into the stomach
A topical spray is sprayed onto your throat to help with reactions such as vomiting.
The process takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

The stomach muscles in the stomach wall are injected, which helps reduce muscle movement, thereby reducing the rate of digestion of the cradle and the rate of emptying of the food in it and sending it to the intestine.
The nerve responsible for giving the command to the stomach can be targeted, which gives the order to digestive movement, emptying food from the stomach, sending it and pushing it into the intestine, which reduces the movement of stomach muscles, and the patient then feels full and full, and these are sent as signals to the brain, so the patient does not feel hungry after that.

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