Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty :

Rhinoplasty is performed to treat the shape of the nose, deviation of the nose, sinuses, or to change the appearance of the nose in the surgical procedure. Lido is more consistent than the face shape

How to beautify the nose

This is done through several techniques, including:

Nose reduction surgery: This includes the bridge of the nose, the width of the nose, or the rabbit
Nose Augmentation Surgery: Usually this type of surgery is therapeutic and may be the result of deformation or incomplete growth of the nose, or as a result of surgical removal of a particular part of the nose.
Ethnic plastic surgery: spread in races and characterized by the organization of forms and angles of the nose, such as people in the Middle East or people in the Mediterranean regions.
Plastic surgery as a result of accidents: The operation is carried out during a period of one to ten days as a result of an accident and may cause the breaking or destruction of some of the nose bones or cartilage.

Face lift:

Facelift performed with golden strings, with surgery and local anesthesia. The golden medical thread is used to tighten the face, cheeks, eyebrows, neck and mouth. The main purpose is to improve the face, eliminate wrinkles and get a more youthful look.

Buttock beautification:

Buttocks are reduced by drawing fat. This is done to draw the buttocks stably.
Also, fat or medicinal substances (plastic filling) are added to show the buttocks larger and more beautiful and consistent in shape and size.


The process is carried out through two methods, the first is the process behind the ear and cartilage is pulled back so that the shape of the ears is consistent with the face and beauty and thus reduces the appearance of the ears clearly.
The second method is the non-surgical process with medical medical sutures, which use cosmetic lines to tighten the ears back to correct the shape and harmony of the ears with the face as well.

Breast reduction:

Breast reduction is a procedure that is used to remove any excess fat, tissue or skin from the breast in order to make it more consistent with the patient’s body. If the two breasts are large, surgery can be performed to reduce weight first and the patient’s soul is satisfied secondly to give aesthetic, greater impression and self-confidence

Gynecomastia  :

التثدي هو انتفاخ الثدي لدى الرجال وتسببه عملية هرمون الأندروجين حيث يمكن ان يتم إجراء العملية الجراحية حيث تتم إزالة الشحوم الزائدة من منطقة الثديين لتظهر بمظهر جميل ومتناسق مع الصدر


In old age, wrinkles will appear on the face and the definition of wrinkles is a lack of collagen under the skin and therefore there are voids and show the alleged wrinkles. To solve this problem we use a technique called botox which is a substance made of protein. Filler is also used and is injected through the wrinkles on the face to restore freshness and radiance. Elephant is a substance intended for the first purposes of concealing wrinkles and scars

Chin beautification:

Chin plastic surgery, or the so-called mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to re-coordinate and reshape the chin, which is either by improving the appearance of the chin with a transplant, or by coordinating, reducing and reducing chin bones.

Phasing out liposuction:

The process of Vaser Liposuction is called sculpting or sculpting 4D dynamic textures. All of these names mean liposuction and drawing of textures.

Advantages of the liposuction process

This process is considered gentler and better compared to traditional liposuction.

Control by the doctor is smoother and more flexible.

The liposuction machine is designed for the purpose of reducing fat and at the same time preserving other tissues, using saline solution.

Symptoms are less bleeding and bruising

The steps of the liposuction process:

Some fluids are injected with narcotic substances into the area to be liposuction and melted from them, and then openings are made around this area with a half-centimeter diameter, after inserting the Phaser tube to break up fats without affecting the tissues or blood vessels, which reduces symptoms of blood loss and also works to stimulate Collagen, which tightens the skin

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